I didn't receive my product

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Check your spam

Sometimes our emails may land in your spam folder. Therefore it is best to double-check your spam inbox.

Make sure you used the correct email

Maybe you used the wrong email upon checkout or mistyped it? In that case, please contact our support and provide them with your order ID or mistyped email.

Credit card and PayPal payments

Sometimes our merchant of record Paddle might have to manually review your purchase before you receive the product. If this happens, you will receive an email from Paddle saying that they are reviewing your order manually. After the order review was successful, you will receive your product. If the order review was unsuccessful, your card will not be charged.

For billing-related questions (excluding refunds) with PayPal or credit card, please contact Paddle support

Cryptocurrency payments

For people new to cryptocurrencies, there a few things that can go wrong when paying. Please read the below to avoid or correct them.

Double-check the destination address

When buying with cryptocurrencies, please make sure to send the funds to the correct address and double-check if the address pasted in your wallet matches the one you have copied from our website before sending the funds. Please read this article on why this is important. If the funds have been sent to the wrong address, we will be unable to provide you with the product.

Wait for the transaction to confirm

Cryptocurrency transactions are only marked as successfully received by us when the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain. Unfortunately, the time it takes to confirm a payment depends on how many fees you paid to the network; we can not speed up this process. You will receive your product once the transaction has been completed.

Payment out of Gas

Gas is a sort of fee for the Ethereum network. Therefore, if your payment runs out of gas, the money will not have left your wallet. In this case, you will have to retry your order.

You have not used the ERC20 network

For Ethereum and Ethereum-related tokens, Coingate can only receive ERC20. If you have sent the payment with BEP20 (Binance smart chain), the funds will be lost.

Other problems

For other related billing problems, please contact the ProxyScrape support.

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