rp.proxyscrape.com - Residential proxy sticky sessions

1 min. readlast update: 03.20.2024

This documentation is only for the residential proxies with endpoint rp.proxyscrape.com.

To make your residential session sticky, append the following to your username: -session-{id}-lifetime-{lifetimeInMinutes}


  • jeffreybezos-session-abc123-lifetime-5 (5 minute sticky session)
  • elonmusk-session-1235469420-lifetime-10 (10 minute sticky session) 
  • billgates-country-us-session-1235469420-lifetime-15 (15 minute sticky session with United States as the country)  

Technically, there is no limit to how long sticky sessions can be, but we can only maintain the proxy's IP address as long as the node serving the IP address stays online. We recommend using a maximum of 120 minutes. The same IP will remain as long as the end peer remains online.

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