Translation guide

2 min. readlast update: 01.14.2023

Welcome! If you are here, you are either a kind person or a curious user.

For the curious user

Our website is currently translated into multiple languages. If you see any major mistakes in our translations for your native language, please reach out to us, and we will reward you with credit for our services.

For the kind person

Thanks a lot for applying and helping us with properly translating our website into your language. Below you will find the instructions on how to use our translation software.

To get started, Thibeau will invite you with your email to our Weglot dashboard.

Once you are on the dashboard, go to "translations", and click the pencil icon next to the language that you will be translating.


Next, to ensure html tags are properly translated, please switch to the HTML view. Please always make sure that the html tags are also in your translated version.


Now you are ready to start translating, please start with the following pages:

  • /
  • /home
  • /premium
  • /residential-proxies
  • /dedicated-proxies
  • /free-proxy-list
  • /purchase

You can select the page you want to work on at the left hand side of your screen.

Please avoid the blog, this is too much work for now and not required. You can however translate other pages apart from the ones listed above, after they are done first.

Weglot will automatically keep track of how many words you worked on. Once you want to done, or simply want to stop and redeem your credit, please contact Thibeau.

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