Why has my account been suspended?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

There are a few reasons why your account could have been suspended. Normally you should have received an email explaining why the account was suspended and how to solve the problem.

Why have I been suspended?

Here is a small list of reasons why your account could have been suspended:

  • We received an abuse complaint from a third party related to your activities.
  • Your activities look very similar to a DDoS attack or hacking attempt. Try lowering the amount of 400 and 500 HTTP error response codes that you receive back from your target website.
  • Your activities are harming our network, causing a negative experience for other ProxyScrape users.
  • We have received a chargeback from you.

How to get unsuspended?

If you think you should be unsuspended, please contact the ProxyScrape support with the following information:

  • The software used 
  • The domains you accessed with the proxies.
  • What you are doing with the information sent and gathered through the proxies.
  • If already known; What caused your abusive-like activity to occur.
  • If already known; How the issue has been taken care of to be prevented in the future.

Failure to provide accurate and complete information will delay your unsuspention process, so please provide all the requested information above.

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